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Alison was born in Singapore and then lived and was educated in Hong Kong.  After several moves around the UK, she is now happily settled near Edinburgh. Her father was a successful commercial artist so she has always been surrounded by, and absorbed in, the world of art.

The results of her time at the easel can be found on this website and hence ‘Ellazeye’ was created as the pseudonym for Alison Smith the artist.  She considers her specialist area to be British wildlife art, pet portraits and landscape paintings using mixed media.  The subjects originate from her day to day experiences and admiration of the natural world.

She is inspired by the wild, remote and often desolate areas of northern Scotland and the Outer Hebrides. With their challenging conditions, Alison feels they are the best creative environments for her and represent an opposite to the world of the routine, restrictive and deadline based office existence. Conversely, she has also been inspired by frequent visits to Venice where the colour and light are in complete contrast to those remote locations.

As well as sourcing and photographing subjects, she also creates her own wildlife compositions, but she is happy to work on individual commissions.

To get in touch or enquire about purchases or commissions call:

07831 552888 or email alison_dunning@sky.com

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